You Call This “Independence”?

Hello and happy 4th of July! I trust you are having more fun today than the poor folks in this park.

Notice how we call this most national of holidays “The Fourth”? When was the last time you heard someone call it “Independence Day”? Why is that? Did Will Smith ruin the name with that cheesy movie he made where he and Jeff Goldblum thwarted the alien invasion?

I wonder sometimes – ok, I wonder constantly – how “independent” we really are here in God-blessed Murka. Now, I’ll be the first to admit: I’m as big a slave as anyone here. Trust me, I’m working on that and until I am 100% debt-free and 100% off-grid, I’ll refrain from tooting my own horn. But there are plenty of small ways you can declare your independence. You can turn off that TV, put down that damned “smart” phone (clue for you: they’re not making anybody any smarter!), and you can make a few lifestyle changes.

“Like what?” you say.

For starters, you can boycott all vaccinations for yourself, your family, and your pets. I’ve done my research and have come to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of vaccinations are unnecessary and unhealthy. In fact, you’re more likely to get sick from them than you are if you remain shot-free. Vaccinations are a form of population control and direct evidence of your willing slavery to unseen persons who know what’s good for you better than you do. It’s no coincidence the vaccine industry uses words like “herd” when they assess vaccine efficacy on populations. Look it up.

Another great way to get free is to stop using Google and Facebook. The German government is telling its citizens to do exactly this to avoid the ever-widening NSA dragnet of pre-crime data slavery. Google is entirely avoidable. Here’s your best replacement. Might as well ditch that gmail account too since it’s all being read by the Feds. And don’t even get me started on Facebook. You are either seriously naive or just plain crazy (or both) if you still post your personal details on Zuckerberg’s brilliantly evil pre-crime data vacuum. There are plenty of “social media” alternatives that don’t involve surrendering privacy if you’d just take the time to look. If you’re too lazy to find one, try the local bar.

While we’re on the subject of population control and social engineering, let’s get free of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. In just the past few months, we’ve learned that not only is the wheat supply contaminated with GMO strains that were never approved for human consumption but now the rice supply is too. Corn, canola, soybeans, and even cotton are so completely infested with GMO strains that you are playing Russian roulette if you stray from strictly organic sources for these plants. If you don’t believe me, would you believe a Monsanto whistle-blower?
Finally, we must pressure our elected and unelected overlords to free us from the chains of foreign power. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch this. And then read this. When a not-so-secret cult of ethno-religious fascists and racial supremacists dominates – with our permissionour financial system, our media, our entertainment industry, and our government, we cannot with any seriousness claim that we are “independent”. To them, we are “cattle” to be exploited. We fight their wars, pay their usury, defend their crimes, and eagerly lap up the raw sewage they pump into our screens, pages, and headphones. It’s time to wake up and stop being their slaves. Start today.

Finally, let me leave you with this inspiring image. This is a (US-provided) Egyptian AH-64 Apache attack helicopter flying over the crowds during Egypt’s Independence-From-Islamists Day earlier this week. “So what, those are just laser pointers!” you say. Yes, but there are thousands of them “painting” this regime helicopter as if to say “We know you are there and we are watching you.” What some may see as a silly prank, I see as an act of free people. I congratulate Egypt on its new freedom and sincerely wish my fellow Murkans would hurry up and make a similar regime change here in this country before it’s too late.


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