Here We Go Again

I don’t know why I do this: it’s a beautiful sunny summer day, I have tons of blueberries to pick (and peas, and tomatoes, and…), yet here I sit pecking out another observation about how things are repeating themselves again. I don’t believe in most theories about deja vu but I am a big fan of Jung’s Synchronicity. Basically, we see patterns in everything and the real “meaning” of coincidence is the significance we give it. Jung told us to analyze our internal reaction to synchronicity since it has more “meaning” than the event itself (which is entirely random in materialist terms in any event).

OK, enough philosophy. On to today’s rhyme.

I’ve been watching the Zimmerman trial on and off all week. It is far more entertaining than anything else on the tube during the day. I highly recommend it for a laugh, a shock, or a perpetually recurring moment of total disbelief. Whatever you need, this trial has in…um, spades.

Of course, we saw all of this 21 years ago. Few of us remember the trial and subsequent acquittals of the LAPD’s finest but I bet we all vividly recall the riots that shook LA and the rest of the country immediately afterwards.
I’m no legal expert but I’m prepared to make a few predictions right here on this blog. First, Zimmerman will go free. At the very worst, he’ll get a slap on the wrist and a negligent homicide rap. The prosecution’s case has been doomed by laughably absurd witnesses and bungled cross examination. Zimmerman’s team is hardly any better but at least their witnesses are helping their case. Second, riots will begin almost instantly.

No, I’m not itching for RAHOWA. Most of you know me better than that. But my love of all peoples and all ethnic groups is not going to do me a damn bit of good when I get dragged out of my car at an intersection by a mob bent on revenge and “justice”.


The Summer of 2013 has the potential to be bloodier than April 1992. Are you ready?

This brings up an important subject: where are you? I have emphasized location before as being paramount among a prepper’s considerations and I will continue to stress its value.

Few of us can afford to move to a freer state right now. I understand that. My job is what keeps me pinned down where I am at – I simply can’t afford to leave it. So I am devoted to shelter-in-place (aka “bug in”) protocols. When the trial ends and Zimmerman walks, I’ll probably just stay home for a few days and pick tomatoes rather than risk a brick to the head.

So what else is going on? There is a fair amount of buzz about another potential trigger for a nationwide racial meltdown. I’ll let you decide how likely it is. But you can’t ignore the fact that we, as a society, are teetering right on the edge of an abyss.
So look at these two faces and remember: history repeats because we are too dumb to learn things the first time around. “Creepy Ass Cracker” John Derbyshire’s sage advice has never been more appropriate than now (especially #10). Might want to read it again if it’s been awhile.
he was gettin' some pampers
I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s simply too late for you to begin prepping, learning skills, caching food and medicine, or stockpiling guns and ammo (you should’ve took care of that years ago my friends!) The best all of us can do now is stay out of places where the shit is most likely to hit the fan this summer.

Stay alert, stay ready, and stay home.


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