Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

When we moved to our little farm in the country last summer, we had a list of things we knew we needed to do right away. Near the top of that list (right below “Start a garden”) was “Put in a proper privacy fence.”* Well, we can scratch that off of our to-do list!

All this property ever had was three board paddock fencing. The back yard had chicken wire stapled to this all the way around and this really classy bamboo screen around the pool. C’mon, really? Did anybody really think this was private or even halfway pleasing to the eye?

Imagine having a 25,000 gallon heated concrete in-ground pool that you can use only when everybody is looking at you. That dude who walks his dog twice a day, those joggers, that pack of bicyclists, and every gawking kid riding to school in Mom’s Prius. They all got an eye full. Not any more.

You really can’t put a price on privacy. But since I brought it up…yeah, this fence cost a pretty penny. Nearly 400 linear feet (with three gates) at $30 a foot – all installed in a day and a half by the best danged fence company in this part of the country – will put a sizable dent in a budget. It was either a) standby generator and pickup truck; or b) privacy fence. I couldn’t afford both so I went for the thing that maximized my family’s enjoyment of the property…right now. A truck and a generator are not far off either. Trust me.

A fence is about much more than privacy. Sure, six feet of wood will stop most prying eyes. But it will also keep many vermin out, and the dogs in. Before, the dogs could see everything that went on for 100 yards 360 degrees around the house. Now, when they go out, all they see is the sky and the tops of trees. That cuts down on 90% of the “false alert” barking that we’ve had to endure for the past nine months. Now you can actually hear what’s going on instead of just the dogs responding to it. Privacy, security, and a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the summer. What more could a guy ask for?

*As always here at RWH, you must click on the thumbnails to see full size photos.


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