2013 Will Rhyme Like Seuss

Remember “The Cat In The Hat”? How about “Green Eggs & Ham”? Theodor Seuss Geisel was a staple of my childhood reading list. I enjoyed the rhythm of his writing and the way my young brain could usually finish the next sentence before my eyes could even read it. History is that way too. I see events unfolding in ways that are so familiar, I can’t help but guess how they will turn out.

Oh, Happy New Year by the way! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and for that I apologize. There has been a lot to post about and, rather than try to cover everything, I’ve decided to be choosy. I hope you won’t hold that against me.

This morning it hit me that current events are repeating a pattern we saw twenty years ago. For those who weren’t there or may need a refresher, here’s the condensed version:

In the early 1990’s, the Clinton administration’s “Justice” Department, led by the oh-so-lovely Attorney General Janet Reno, began a nationwide crackdown on alleged firearms violations. Two new sets of laws further regulating, restricting, and even banning the sales of certain guns went into effect – the “Brady Bill” and the “Assault Weapons Ban”. It is important to note that these new laws followed hot on the heels of two of the most significant events in recent US history: Ruby Ridge and the Waco Siege and subsequent massacre. It is also important to note that those two tragedies were precipitated by frustrated and incompetent ATF agents who failed in trying to prosecute reported violations of US gun laws.

Fast forward to today. Following a series of mass shootings, our elected public servants are proposing a return to the hyper-restrictive gun laws of the early 1990s. There’s one rhyme.

Here’s the other: in the years following those new laws, mass shootings actually increased, peaking with the horrific Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado in 1999.

I suggest that rather than repeating the pattern exactly (govt crackdown > new gun laws > mass shootings) we will see the same sequence but in reverse (mass shootings > new gun laws > govt crackdown). I believe we are currently in the middle of this pattern of “rhyming events” and that those events are unfolding according to a master plan.

This plan’s goal is the total disarmament of the population. In the wake of the coming collapse, armed citizens will be the primary obstacle to successful implementation of martial law and the subsequent restoration of “law & order” by federal troops (including active duty military, reserves, and National Guard), conscripted LEOs, and possibly foreign “assistance” personnel. As post-Katrina New Orleans has already proved, gun confiscation is a key component to post-emergency pacification operations. Anyone who fails to comply will be labeled a “terrorist” and will be dealt with accordingly under the rules of the NDAA.

While the preparedness community and all forward-looking freedom-minded people try to anticipate how much of “it” will end up on our collective fan in the coming year, let’s remember what was happening 20 years ago and consider the likelihood of a massive rhyme. Before I go, one last detail of the rhyme must be mentioned.

On the morning of April 19th, 1995, after the government atrocities at Ruby Ridge and Waco and after the piles of new gun laws went into effect, an explosion destroyed the Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. Whether this was a false flag event engineered to further Clinton and Reno’s “master plan” or a revenge attack by a young man who felt betrayed by his government we’ll never know. But just imagine what a similar event today would do to the public debate about the Second Amendment if the alleged perpetrator was found to be a “gun nut”, or worse; a “doomsday prepper”.

Are things worse now than 20 years ago? No doubt. When the Treasury of the country is talking about minting a “Trillion Dollar” coin, you know the game is almost over. You might want to think about cashing in your chips now before the dealer closes the table.


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