Relax. Your Uncle Sam Loves You!

Well, where were we? November’s here, the country’s in a shambles, and lots of folks on the East Coast are wondering what FEMA really does. On Tuesday, we get to pretend to exercise our freedom to choose a new head of the Executive Branch. Oh joy.

By the way I’m fine, thanks for asking. Sandy barely registered on my prep-o-meter. The power was out for 12 hours but we had zero damage. Compared to the Derecho back in June, Sandy was a pussycat. Of course, winter’s almost here and they say it’s gonna be a humdinger. So I’ve been busy stacking firewood, shopping for a stand-by generator, and doing all the other routine things that you should be doing at this time of year (like cleaning gutters, trimming trees, storing outdoor stuff indoors, etc.) I fully expect two or three “Snowmageddons” this winter. The thought of everything shutting down for a week at a time thrills me and I can hardly wait. But, as with with every disaster, there are busy-bodies standing by with nothing better to do than deprive you of your natural rights and Constitutionally guaranteed liberties. Anybody who’s been through a severe storm or earthquake knows what I’m talking about: forced evacuations, gun confiscations, curfews, martial law – the full meal deal of government “assistance”.

Let’s stop for a minute and examine how our beloved Federal overlords really feel about us.

Here’s a short list of the people those do-gooder busy-bodies can’t stand. First up: preppers. Yep, not only does prepping label you a “weirdo” (thanks NatGeo!) but now it’ll get you put on a domestic terrorism watch list as well. So prep at your own risk.

Any veterans in the house? Uncle Sam doesn’t just suspect you of harboring terrorist intent, he has come right out and painted a big fat bullseye on your back! Thanks for your service…you filthy terrorists.

The third group in this trifecta of “domestic terrorism” is probably the largest. Do you love, believe in, swear to defend, or otherwise treat as if it were THE handbook on how government should operate, the Constitution of the United States? Congratulations! You’re a terrorist too.

None of us can remember the last time the Federal Government went to war against its own people. It happened over 150 years ago. And it didn’t end well. Rights were trampled, both individual’s and states’. About a million Americans were killed. I can’t help thinking that, given all the recent federal purchases of massive amounts of ammunition for normally “peaceful” agencies like the Social Security Administration, the Park Service, and The National Weather Service, somebody high up in the halls of power is planning for something like another civil war. No, history will not repeat, but it will rhyme!

So, from one “terrorist” to another, be safe as the wind starts whipping and the lights go out. And watch out because somebody out there – somebody in a dark blue windbreaker with an acronym printed across the back – will probably show up and want to “help” you!


6 responses to “Relax. Your Uncle Sam Loves You!


    Well said my friend .The government hasn’t helped this Republic in about 200 years ,all they do is take and dictate how we should live our lives and raise our children . As one that fits all of the categorize that you mentioned it’s hard to believe what this great nation used to be . As far as the Navy windbreaker thing I get them kinds of people at my house all the time !! LOL

    As far as the prep thing you mentioned a generator one of the best is a
    Honda ,don’t know how big ya want to go but they have a 6500 watt that will pretty much do the whole thing and it’s really an inverter so it’s safe for all the electronics in the house .

    It’s always good to see writing that way we know your safe and still in the battle !!
    God Bless the Republic and your family !!!

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