The Collapse Will Set You Free

(Author’s note: Thanks for being patient while I got those first few experimental posts out of my system. Now it is time to get on with my original promise of pointing out the upside of the coming collapse.)

Let’s start with an examination of debt slavery. Assuming you are a typical middle-class American consumer, your standard of living is totally dependent on debt. Personal after-taxes income has actually decreased slightly over the past 30 years for all but the top 20% of wage earners. That means, in order to have a better life than our parents, we must borrow. Life as we know it simply would not exist without mortgages, car loans, student loans, and credit cards. The problem is that these “tools” have been forced on us by our economic overlords to the point that we have become their slaves.

In fact, doing anything that defies this mandatory program of debt-based consumerism will likely get you labeled a terrorist. You think I’m joking? Try making a major purchase with cash (or even a check). If you were to walk into a car dealership with $25k in small bills, the sales staff would alert law enforcement and you would have a few questions to answer down at the station.

I would advise anyone reading this to pay off their debt as soon as possible. Of course, getting completely out of debt is impractical and highly unlikely for most of us but that’s no reason to not make an effort. Paying off debt will put you in the correct frame of mind: “I must now pay for the stuff I thought I needed last week/month/year.” It’s responsible and it’s emancipating.

Better yet, use cash whenever feasible. This has two hugely emancipating effects: you “steal” the banksters’ cut of the action for yourself which, in turn, increases your buying power.

After the collapse, we will proceed to the final step in our emancipation: we will barter for goods and services. Federal Reserve Notes (aka FRN’s, often mistakenly referred to as “money”) will lose their last remaining scraps of value with the collapse. Then, only small portable objects with real value such as gold and silver coins, ammunition, batteries, cigarettes, coffee, etc. will serve as “money”.

Being a slave of modest means, I have chosen to stockpile ammunition as an investment “hedge” against a post-collapse barter economy. The reasons are simple: 1) gold and silver are far too inflated right now for the average peasant to get into; 2) everybody will need bullets; and 3) coins are really hard to fire out of a gun. Also, all those other high value barterables like tobacco, coffee, and sugar have a limited shelf life. Modern ammunition, when stored correctly, will last as long as you or I.

So cheer up, those crushing payments on your debt will soon be a thing of the past! The collapse might not be a trip to Disneyland for everybody involved but it will erase the shackles of debt. Plan now for a fresh new world where a credit card is just a piece of colored plastic imprinted with the name of a dead financial institution and a dollar is just a piece of paper covered in funny masonic images.

I can hardly wait!


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