War. What Is It Good For?

Well here comes the next war, are you ready? It’s been on its way for over 30 years so when it gets here it shouldn’t be a surprise.

We’ve been here before. More than once in fact.

In the lead-up to the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq, we were told that Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction". Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell (who should’ve known better) did their master’s bidding and waved mushroom clouds in our face on national TV. It was all a bunch of choreographed Booga-booga. Iraq had shut down it’s nuke program but got invaded anyways.

High level officials in both this country and Israel have gone on the record stating that Iran does not currently have the bomb or the capability to build one. Even if they did, they’d have to test it first and then mount it on a suitable delivery vehicle. But we’re going to go to war with them anyways.

That’s rhyme number one.

Rhyme number two is slightly more chilling – especially for any veteran of the Sea Services.

The carrier USS Enterprise is the oldest active combatant ship in the Navy’s inventory. It is scheduled for a rather complicated and expensive decommissioning in 2013. Old, worn out nuclear powered ships can’t just be parked and forgotten. Lengthy defueling and decontaminating procedures must be carried out. Sometimes it’s actually cheaper just to keep an old nuke in service until there’s room in the budget for a decommissioning.

So what do we do? We send this old ship to the Persian Gulf. And as if one wasn’t enough, we’re sending another one; the 45+ year old USS Ponce. There was a recent bit of kerfuffle over what the Ponce would be doing in the Persian Gulf. Turns out it’s not a “SEAL Mothership” after all but rather a “lily pad” for minesweeping helicopters. That still doesn’t change the fact that another old ship is going in harm’s way.

The last time a President knowingly sent our oldest ships into harm’s way it resulted in a “sneak attack” that got that President exactly what he wanted: a war the country was doing everything it could to stay out of. Sure, our newest and best ships were never in any danger and later played key roles in our ultimate victory. But the infamy at Pearl Harbor wasn’t perpetuated by the Asians our government wanted us to kill. It was perpetuated by our own government!

Let’s face it – there will not be one good thing about a war with Iran. Our troops are exhausted, their equipment is suffering from a decade of abuse in punishing climates, and our economy is in such bad shape it will only take another $20 or $30 a barrel on the price of oil to push it off the cliff into the yawning abyss of permanent depression.

And we all know what that means. Accelerated collapse. Hope you’re ready!


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